Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Been A While....

I am a terrible blogger...I know. There's been many changes in my life since my last blog post, but a few things have remained the same:
  • I am still in Bursa, Turkey
  • I'm still married to a beautiful Turkish girl
  • My Turkish still sucks
  • I still spend too much money at Starbucks
  • IDO Bus has canceled their foot ferry service from Istanbul to Bursa
I could probably go on and on. 

On the other hand, there are many new things going on as well:
New house, old house, work in relation to nearest Sbux.
  • I am no longer teaching English
  • We're moving houses (see illustration)
  • I've learned how to cook noodles thanks to some Filipino friends
  • I've met some great new foreign friends this year
  • There is a new HeliTaxi that will ferry you to Istanbul in 25 minutes
  • Many of my married friends are making babies
All in all, things are going well. I still don't get to spend as much time in Istanbul as I would like to but I hope that will change soon.

I hope to continue blogging about different topics in the future so check back often.

Thanks for reading!